Bruce's Zambi Army Painting

In gratitude to Scramble Campbell for his generous donation of his imagery that was made with Zambi love. 

The following donation with gift is made possible by: 

Scramble and Shay Campbell

Leon at RubySue Graphics 

The Georgian Press in Athens, GA

Ellie MacKnight and Brown Cat, Inc.

Matt Wilson, Duane Trucks, Kit Blanchard and Steve Lopez of Good Times Productions

All proceeds will go towards The Col. Bruce Hampton Memorial Fund. 

The Col. Bruce Hampton Memorial Fund is established to help mitigate the expenses Bruce's family has incurred from his untimely passing. Thank you for your kindness and support.

Donation Details for Print and Shirts

The prints and products are based on a reproduction of the Scramble Campbell Zambi Army painting from the Hampton 70 show in partnership with Scramble.

At this time, this is the only planned offering for this imagery.

Shipping is included with the poster price. 

These will not ship until approximately mid-August 2017.  

Please note in your records that there is not a definitive date for shipping. All will be updated through posts and emails where applicable with the contact information provided. 

There are no limits on quantities for any of these items as it is donation based.

This is considered a donation with gift at set threshold levels as it is donate to print to ship. This ensures that all proceeds will go towards The Col. Bruce Hampton Memorial Fund.